About the Institute of Operational Privacy Design (IOPD)

Incorporated in 2021, the IOPD is dedicated to standardization around “privacy by design.” While done in the spirit of the Foundational Principles of Privacy by Design created by the Ontario Canada’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, the IOPD is focused on operational aspects of building privacy into products, services and business processes. The IOPD is organized in the United States as a non-profit Corporation in the state of Florida. 

About the Roles

The IOPD is currently seeking to fill two unpaid positions as members of the IOPD Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has primary responsibility for the management and operations of the IOPD. The Board meets no less than annually, but may meet as often as monthly to conduct necessary business. Meetings may be conducted in person or remotely through video conferencing or telephonic technology. In addition, the IOPD seeks one of the new Board Members to serve as the Treasurer.  Terms run for 2 years from appointment. Appointments may be renewed. 

Treasurer - Two Year Term

New Board Seat Open
Open Seat

2023 - Two Year Term

New Board Seat Open
Open Seat


  • Fiduciary duty to the IOPD and uphold its mission and objectives  (see our website for information about our objectives)
  • Advocate, promote and represent the IOPD in a professional capacity
  • Seek out both corporate sponsors and individual ambassadors to contribute to the growth and financial health of the IOPD
  • Appoint other members to the Board of Directors
  • (Treasurer) For the Board Member elected to serve as the Corporation’s Treasurer, the Treasurer shall 
    • Propose a budget for the current year, following year and a five-year plan
    • Maintain the books for the organization
    • Assist the accountant in filing and completing necessary tax documents
    • Manage accounts payable and accounts receivable


  • Significant knowledge and experience in privacy and data protection
  • Excellent communication and organization skills
  • Well known in the privacy profession and broader professions and able to advocate for the IOPD
  • Willing to participate in public speaking opportunities for the IOPD
  • US citizens or permanent residents located in the United States (we are working to have international board members, but are presently restricted to those in the US due to tax reasons) 

If interested, please submit a cover letter to rjc@enterprivacy.com. Such letter should address your interest in the IOPD and what you’ll bring to the Board, if appointed. All qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview. 

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