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Jun 27
27 June 2024

IOPD President R Jason Cronk welcomes you to ask all your burning questions about the Design Process Standard published last year. The need for this standard is a culmination of several factors, and details the components necessary in a design process to incorporate privacy considerations and reduce privacy risks to individuals.

July 2024
Jul 25
25 July 2024

Differential privacy allows sensitive data to be shared in a manner that preserves insights in the data while offering a rigorous guarantee of protection for contributing individuals. In this talk Gerome will explain how we have successfully used differential privacy to unlock insights from highly sensitive data. This will include examples of practical deployments of the technology at major enterprises: the challenges, solutions, and lessons learned.

Jul 31
31 July 2024

ALL HANDS MEETING 📢 Ambassadors, Advisors, Volunteers, and Committee Members are all invited to join us Wednesday, July 31st from 3:00 - 4:00 PM. We will meet to welcome our new members, give updates on current projects, and report on the new standard currently in development!


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