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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the IOPD. We offer three tiers of sponsorship in addition to a training partnership, including a special opportunity to be identified as a founding sponsor for those organizations sponsoring before 2024.

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Founding Sponsorship

Act Now! (or anytime before the end of 2024) and become a Founding Sponsor of the Institute. Founding Sponsors get recognized as key members of the privacy community:

Help us develop and promote the standard! 

Get access through your Individual Ambassadors to draft standards to advise and contribute to the community! 

Help shape the future of privacy design!



Sustaining (Yearly) Sponsorship

Training Partner

Corporate Tier
$ 1,000 Sustaining (Yearly)
  • 3 Ambassadorships
  • 50% Off Additional Ambassadorships


Corporate Tier
$ 2,500 Sustaining (Yearly)
  • 5 Ambassadorships
  • 50% Off Additional Ambassadorships


Corporate Tier
$ 5,000 Sustaining (Yearly)
  • 10 Ambassadorships
  • 50% Off Additional Ambassadorships


Corporate Tier
$ 10,000 Sustaining (Yearly)
  • 20 Ambassadorships
  • 50% Off Additional Ambassadorships

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