Kayvis Damptey

Founder and Data Scientist

North America

Tactical Foresight Consulting LLC
Bachelors in Industrial Engineering, Neo4j – Graph Data Science Certification

I started advocating for privacy when I was in grad school (studying at the time what was call data mining) and started joining anti-mass surveillance organizations once the Snowden leaks surfaced. While volunteering I also helped push for groups to consider the privacy risks associated with for-profit organizations, especially how that information can bleed into law enforcement. During this time I also started my career creating custom, flexible and strategic data science models to be trained on the data available at the given organization, while advocating internally for privacy principles where needed.

Since then, I’ve helped with many different privacy related projects (marketing materials, podcasts, partnership outreach, group discussions, reviewing bills in congress, etc.) and continued for-profit consulting across different industries.