Kevin O'Neil


North America

CYVA Research Corporation 
CISSP, CompTIA Security+, TOGAF 9 Certification, INCOSE System of Systems Engineering, ParcPlace Object-Oriented Methodology Certificate, System and Database Administration (Oracle & Sybase)

Mr. O’Neil is Founder and CEO of CYVA Research. O’Neil is an entrepreneur, architect, technologist, privacy and cybersecurity activist. He has 35 years of diverse experience in information technology, encompassing a variety of engineering, management, and consulting engagements in commercial and government sectors.

CYVA is forwarding a suite of human-controlled identity and information asset management capabilities for addressing the cascading cybersecurity, privacy, and liberty attacks, dangers and harms we see every day. Our disruptive cybersecurity, privacy, and liberty innovations: Human Digital Liberty Platforms and Services and Personal Information Agent(PIA) technologies are designed to put humans in control of their human digital existence, their personal information wherever it exists post-decryption; and strategically disrupt the big tech-big government anti-liberty surveillance state.