Privacy SWAN Consulting

Founding Corporate Member

North America

Privacy SWAN is the company that can operationalize your privacy and data protection requirements and helps you build a corporate culture based on privacy and security. We have a diverse background in the areas of technology, Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), security, and data protection and privacy which gives us a unique perspective, not just the legal and compliance view. We understand that building a privacy program is not top of mind, or budget, for most companies. We can help you build a privacy program that scales with your business while we leverage existing policies and procedures to make certain it is tailored for your specific needs. We also ensure the program can grow with your business, integrates into your existing business processes, and is easy to maintain.

We want to take action with you. We’ve learned over the years that people are kept up at night because of issues (decisions/inability to make a decision, actions/lack of action, interactions, etc) that happen during the course of a day, week or even sometimes months. Let us help you Sleep Well At Night (SWAN) with data privacy solutions you can trust!