Purpose and Means

Founding Training Partner


Purpose and Means are not like the other data protection consultancies.

We do things differently.

The data protection experience for employees and management is what we focus on.

We build passion and interest in data protection through highly visual, quirky approaches.

Data protection is complex, and to bring it alive, make it actionable from top to bottom requires an approach your average law firm doesn’t provide.

Clients include:

– Danish global retailer 2022-
– UK global manufacturer 2022-
– US global pharma 2022
– UK high street retailer 2022
– US women’s health care (EEA region) 2021
– US global MedTech 2021-
– Top 5 European bank (Global DPO office) 2020-
– European marketplace 2020
– Danish global retailer 2019-20
– Global marketing automation 2018
– Global security software 2017
– Nordic airline 2017
– Global emergency services 2015/6

Purpose and Means is a niche consultancy operating globally working with leaders to align data protection tightly with business purpose and strategy.

We are also an Official IAPP Training Partner providing privacy training services worldwide.

Our quest is to ensure data protection is not a tick-box or superficial task in companies.

We typically work with legal departments, bringing skills and competences that many legal professionals lack.

We help overcome the perception that data protection is solely a legal issue.

The legal bias can block the potential in some companies to frame data protection as a business imperative.

Data protection is not all about articles, recitals, interpretation, case law, etc.

All of those things are very important, without a doubt.

But if data protection in your company remains theoretical, and there continues to be a disconnect between data protection leadership and the other business functions, data protection will never become living and breathing.