Rongfei Lu

Product Lead

North America


Rongfei is a leader at the intersection of product management, privacy, AI, and law. At Uber, Rongfei leads global marketing privacy and legal compliance products, including privacy & communication preferences, ATT, GDPR, CCPA compliance and AI governance. He also serves on the Standards Subcommittee of the Institute of Operational Privacy Design.

Previously, Rongfei has worked as a researcher at Stanford AI Lab, published research and served as a reviewer at top AI conferences. He also worked on technology and national security strategy at the Hoover Institution, and the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI. He began his career at McKinsey & Company in Washington DC.

Rongfei has lived in China, India, Uganda, Morocco, Germany, and the U.S., and speaks five languages. He holds a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from Stanford and a bachelor’s degree in engineering sciences from Dartmouth.