Community Members

The non-profit Institute of Operational Privacy Design (IOPD) relies on the support of privacy conscious businesses and the privacy and data protection professional community to achieve our important mission and objectives of promoting privacy standardization.

Founder and Lead Consultant

Bindia Mathew

Director, Privacy by Design

Privacy and Compliance Officer, Principal

Principal Privacy Engineer

Andrei Dumitru

Privacy Engineer

Business Owner and Data & Tech Lawyer

Founding Training Partner

Mike Godwin

Principal Attorney

Senior Privacy Consultant

Nicole Nguyen

Senior Data Privacy Analyst

Applied Scientist and Privacy Engineer

Governance, Risk and Compliance Professional

Antonio Rocha

Data Protection Expert

Founder & CTO

Sean Vargas-Barlow

Lead Privacy Counsel

KarHong WONG

Chief Consulting Officer

Head of Technical Privacy and Governance

Senior Privacy Manager

Andrew Nooks

Information Security & Data Protection Specialist

Conor Hogan

Global Director

Carl Mathis

Senior Privacy Architect

David Taylor

Lead Senior Counsel Global, Data Protection & Privacy – Digital & Technology

Privacy Engineering, Emerging Tech & Trust Strategist

Admin & Secretary

Founding Training Partner

Senior Consultant for Information Governance, Privacy and Security

Consultant - Cybersecurity & Data Privacy/Protection

Privacy Awareness Manager

Founding Training Partner

Founding Corporate Member

Petruta Pirvan

Head of Privacy and Compliance

Vice President & Founder

John Marshall Harlan Research Professor of Law

Founding Corporate Member

Denise Schoeneich

Privacy Engineer & Program Manager

Kim Wuyts

Post-doctoral Researcher in Privacy Engineering

Stuart Shapiro

Principal Cyber Security & Privacy Engineer

Tarana Damania

Privacy Consultant

President & Founder

Siarhei Varankevich

Data Privacy Consultant

Anita Siassios

Customer Experience & Privacy Management Professional

Caroline McCaffery

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Professional

Keith Harmon

Information Security Professional

Ricky Jha

Regulatory Compliance & Digital Trust Engineer

Privacy Professional & Consultant

Peter Cherukuri​

Data Management & Privacy Protection News Media Executive

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