The Privacy.Wiki is a non-profit volunteer effort to build a reference database for privacy professionals. 



The Privacy.Wiki serves as a library documenting the occurrence of privacy legislation and incidents pertaining to Daniel Solove’s Taxonomy of Privacy which breaks privacy into four broad categories (information processing, information dissemination, collection, and invasion) and sixteen individual harms (or privacy violations).

It currently includes United States Federal Laws as well as 300+ State Laws. In addition to laws and regulations, you can find copious news stories of every type of privacy harm under the taxonomy. While most state laws that touch on privacy issues are already in the Wiki, volunteers will keep the states current and add new articles.


Chief Editors

Call for a Chief Legal Editor and Chief Articles Editor. Chief Editors manage volunteers of their respective type, moderate laws/articles, and recruit new volunteers, especially for states lacking editors. 

Eric Martin Scott

Senior Consultant for Information Governance, Privacy and Security

FTI Consulting
Chief Articles Editor

Chief Legal Editor

Chief Legal Editor

Open Seat!


The Wiki is sustained by editors who add new laws and articles documenting privacy incidents while also keeping state laws current. Volunteers have access to our Slack Channel and are invited to all IOPD Events!


Companies may choose to sponsor a particular state, an intern, or the whole site. We’re seeking privacy-oriented law firms to sponsor their states and companies to sponsor general articles sitewide. Contact us to customize your sponsorship!

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