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Privacy engineering is a broad profession with many challenges that have no prescribed solution. As a community of engineers, it helps to lean on one another for advice and collaboration when facing ever evolving privacy concerns.

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About PETed

Come join our monthly Privacy Engineering & Technology Education Discussion Series where we gather industry leaders and global experts to discuss issues that arise in privacy engineering and how to solve them. This is not your traditional webinar presentation! We are focused on creating an environment for conversation, questions, and solutions to be harnessed. This is an opportunity to connect with professionals who may be struggling with similar problems and draw on others’ experience. Come prepared to contribute and expand your awareness the 4th Thursday of every month!


Many thanks to the people who made this all possible from conception to execution! Reach the PETed Team at

Mary Yip

Mary Yip

Privacy Officer

Andrei Dumitru

Privacy Engineer

Nicole Nguyen

Nicole Nguyen

Senior Consultant, Privacy Engineer

Kimberly Lancaster

Director of Privacy and Data Protection

Janelle Hsia

Vice President & Founder


We are looking for people who are willing to share their knowledge on different topics related to privacy by design and privacy engineering.  We want to build a community of privacy professionals for knowledge sharing, implementation advice, and technical resources for best practices in privacy by design. This community will be focused on solving real-world privacy problems, not just talking about them. It will be an interactive discussion led by a privacy engineer expert – like you!


The format of the webinar will be a one-hour informal discussion and interaction with members of the IOPD. The goal will be a discussion on how to solve a specific privacy problem or privacy related resource topic and the latest implementation techniques for some of the biggest challenges like synthetic data, zero-knowledge proofs, homomorphic encryption, and translucent databases. The participants will be asked to bring questions related to the topic.

It will be an opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise and promote your work in an educational manner to other experts in the field.  It will be a discussion of cutting-edge ideas in an “iron sharpens iron” kind of way.  We want all participants to walk away having learned something new or thinking about something in a new way.


Join our discussion the 4th Thursday of every month! The IOPD Privacy Engineering & Technology Education Discussion (PETed) Series is a members-only event. Join as an Ambassador before the 1st of each month to get invited to this month’s event!

Please reach out to a current member to be invited as a guest. If you are already a member, subscribe to our PETed Mailing List for announcements and monthly invitations!

Meeting Recordings

Data Access and Deletion in the Large Scale Structured and Unstructured Datasets | Privacy Engineering & Technology Education Discussion (PETed) Recording

Privacy technologists struggle to efficiently handle large-scale requests for data access and deletion due to challenges in mapping data across systems, avoiding production disruptions, and redacting unrelated information from unstructured data. This requires scalable solutions to ensure regulatory compliance and protect data rights without compromising system performance.

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From Permission Usage to Compliance Analysis | Privacy Engineering & Technology Education Discussion (PETed) Recording

We have been analyzing Android apps for regulatory requirements for eight years. We have analyzed Android apps for COPPA, CCPA, and Health Compliance (HIPAA, HBNR, and FTC Act). In this talk, Primal Wijesekera presents the lessons learned after analyzing thousands of apps, the technical challenges we face while analyzing Android apps, patterns of non-compliance issues we uncovered, and the likely root causes of non-compliance.

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Deploying Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing | Privacy Engineering & Technology Education Discussion (PETed) Recording

Digital contact tracing systems promised to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic; but in doing so introduce privacy risks. Privacy-friendly contact tracing systems enable notification of exposed people without privacy harms. In this webinar Wouter Lueks will talk about his experience designing a large-scale privacy-friendly digital contact tracing system that later led to the system adopted by Google and Apple, and experiences deploying such a privacy-friendly system in the wild.

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Vector Databases: AI Uses, Privacy Risks, and Mitigations | Privacy Engineering & Technology Education Discussion (PETed) Recording

Developers are rushing to adopt new AI tools and techniques, and private data for AI systems is shifting out of models and into vector databases. These new databases are immature from a security and privacy perspective, and the attacks against them are numerous and growing by the day. Understanding, controlling, monitoring, and protecting the data in these databases should be a top priority of security and privacy teams.

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