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The Certification Ecosystem

I’ve learned a lot about certification in that two years as I planned, researched and began to identify the steps best course of action to create this institute. While different certifications across industries apply different terms, I’ve tried to consolidate a common description of the “certification” ecosystem. At the core,

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The DRAFT Design Process Standard

The Institute of Operational Privacy Design (IOPD) is dedicated to promotion and adoption of privacy design standards for organizations.  Today, the IOPD is putting forth a draft of it’s first standard, the IOPD Design Process Standard, for how to implement and measure a company’s compliance with privacy by design requirements

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Welcome to the Institute of Operational Privacy Design

For many years now, I’ve been concerned about the bombastic claims of many organizations that they do “privacy by design.” While I’ve tried to channel some of that concern into a systematic and rigorous process through my book, training and talks, I felt there needed to be some better imprimatur

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All infographics are CC BY and you may use them in their existing format. You may also download the original pdf here. For commercial use, please contact us.


Privacy Wiki

The Privacy Wiki provides a valuable resource of laws and regulation all organized around the Solove taxonomy of privacy and the Hoepman privacy design strategies. 

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Chief Legal Editor

Rachel Johnson is an engineer and privacy attorney who found her passion for data privacy and cybersecurity formulating injunctive relief to address weaknesses and failures in privacy and data protection. Now she wants to work on the proactive design side of privacy rather than the reactive side. She is excited to work with IOPD in building useful tools for privacy practitioners and is currently preparing for her CIPP/US and CIPP/E exams. Be sure to wish her luck! Rachel can be reached at LegalEd756@privacy.wiki

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