The non-profit Institute of Operational Privacy Design (IOPD) relies on the support of privacy conscious businesses and the privacy and data protection professional community to achieve our important mission and objectives of promoting privacy standardization.

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There are two options to participate in promoting IOPD standards and practices: Corporate Members & Individual Ambassadors. 

Individual Ambassadors

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  • Must be a student or professional working in privacy or a related field (Need not be currently employed or active student status)
  • Must be active in promoting privacy in the design of products, services or business practices. 

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Corporate Members are the fulcrum of the IOPD Standards’ success! Contact us if you are interested in being a beta company for the Design Process Standard.

We offer three tiers of membership in addition to a training partnership, including a special opportunity to be identified as a founding member for those organizations joining before 2024.

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We are seeking to fill two unpaid positions as members of the IOPD Board of Directors. Terms run for 2 years from appointment. Appointments may be renewed.