About Us

The mission of the IOPD is to define and drive the adoption of privacy design standards.  We want to provide accountability and public recognition for good privacy practices.

The objectives of the IOPD are to maintain standards for privacy design and risk assessments, hold organizations accountable through the certification mechanism, and educate and evangelize the standards.

The Institute of Operational Privacy Design

The institute shall establish a committee whose purpose is to create and maintain the standards by which organizations, products, services and business processes may be certified.

The Privacy Wiki

The privacy Wiki is a wikipedia dedicated to privacy laws and concepts. The Wiki is organized around the Solove taxonomy of privacy harms and Hoepman Privacy Design Strategies. It catalogs hundreds of laws and privacy incidents. Volunteers are needed to keep the wiki up to date. Please contact our chief legal editor to volunteer. 

Chief Legal Editor – Ece Gumusel