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Join our new IOPD Privacy Engineering & Technology Education Discussion (PETed) Series! The format of the webinar will be a one-hour informal discussion and interaction with members of the IOPD. The goal will be a discussion on how to solve a specific privacy problem or privacy related resource topic and the latest implementation techniques for some of the biggest challenges like synthetic data, zero-knowledge proofs, homomorphic encryption, and translucent databases. The participants will be asked to bring questions related to the topic. Come back the fourth Thursday of every month for a new discussion, new speaker, and new insights on the most cutting-edge privacy challenges!

Date & Time:

November 2nd, 2023 @ 12:00 PM ET


What Can Go Wrong With Your AI?

Problem Statement:

Do AI systems require a holistic risk-based approach? How can you identify and assess all the different risks?


During this session we are going to discuss the problem of risk identification and assessment in AI systems. We will look into the ideas in Europe of introducing a Fundamental Rights Impact Assessment and we will explore some of the available tools.

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Isabel Barberá

Isabel Barberá is the co-founder of Rhite, a consultancy specialised in Privacy Engineering and Responsible AI based in The Netherlands. She advises local and international organisations in the public and private sector on aspects related to Privacy Engineering, Privacy and Security by Design and Responsible AI. Isabel is one of the members of the European agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) Working Group on Data Protection Engineering and a member of the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) Pool of Experts. She is also the author of the AI privacy threat modeling library PLOT4ai, an open source AI risk assessment tool created to help organisations build Responsible AI systems. Find her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/isabelbarbera/


Nicole Nguyen

Nicole Nguyen is an enthusiastic privacy professional, deftly bridging technology, business, and law. Beginning in intellectual property and patent prosecution, she gained practical legal insights and technical acumen, which she later applied to data privacy across various regulated industries. She honed her skills across operations, regulatory analysis, and engineering, to streamline data handling, shape privacy policies, and drive privacy-by-design principles. Recognized for her leadership and technical prowess, Nicole guides strategic decisions, resolves complex issues, and bolsters business resilience. Her passion lies in crafting comprehensive data governance programs, weaving security, privacy, and risk disciplines into robust frameworks that safeguard business value and promote a future-ready, privacy-conscious culture. B.S. Chemical and Electrical Engineering and M.S. Information Systems, Cybersecurity and Business Intelligence.

The IOPD Privacy Engineering & Technology Education Discussion (PETed) Series is a members-only webinar. Join as an Ambassador to get invited to the recurring monthly event. If you are already a member, but need an invitation please contact admin22@instituteofprivacydesign.org.