September 2023 PETed Recording

Join us for an engaging and informative interactive session featuring Mike Smith, Distinguished Security Architect at Salesforce. Mike is a Fellow of Information Privacy with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), and is a seasoned expert in data security, privacy, and compliance, particularly in the world of SaaS applications. In this session, we will explore three critical aspects of managing data and protecting privacy in today’s digital world.

Navigating the CRM Data Landscape: Security, Compliance, and Innovation | Privacy Engineering & Technology Education Discussion (PETed)

Join our new IOPD PETed series! The format of the webinar will be a one-hour informal discussion and interaction with members of the IOPD. The goal will be a discussion on how to solve a specific privacy problem or privacy related resource topic and the latest implementation techniques for some of the biggest challenges like synthetic data, zero-knowledge proofs, homomorphic encryption, and translucent databases. Come back the fourth Thursday of every month for a new discussion, new speaker, and new insights on the most cutting-edge privacy challenges!