Privacy Engineering at Scale | IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2024

Privacy by design requires us to embed privacy as a principle from the start of the product development process. However, this shift requires privacy engineering at every subsequent stage. Every organization thus faces the challenge of scaling this process without adding significant cost. Furthermore, these processes must align with developer workflow and not require developers themselves to be experts in privacy. This panel provides a roadmap of how to achieve this difficult task…

Privacy Engineering 10 years on

In July 2023, Kim Wuyts and Isabel Barbera invited R Jason Cronk to present the keynote talk to the International Workshop on Privacy Engineering in Delft, Netherlands. Subsequent to that, and because we felt there wouldn’t be an overlapping audience, Nandita Narla and Nikita Samarin, invited him to give the same talk to another group of privacy engineers at the PEP23 workshop ahead of SOUPS in Anaheim, CA. For those who couldn’t be there at either event, Jason decided to write this blog post to summarize the talk.