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The Privacy Wiki provides a valuable resource of laws and regulation all organized around the Solove taxonomy of privacy and the Hoepman privacy design strategies. While still in its early stages, we hope this Wiki will grow into a thriving resource system for the privacy community. 

Privacy Wiki is organized around the Solove Taxonomy which breaks privacy into four broad categories ( information processinginformation disseminationcollection, and invasion) and sixteen individual harms (or privacy violations). It currently includes United States Federal Laws as well as over three hundred State Laws. In addition to laws and regulations, you can find copious news stories of every type of privacy harm under the taxonomy.

Chief Editors

Eric Martin Scott

Senior Consultant for Information Governance, Privacy and Security

FTI Consulting
Wiki Chief Articles Editor

Victor Chikezie

Legal & Technical Consultant | Privacy & Cybersecurity

Datavance Inc
Wiki Chief Legal Editor


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