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Assurance cases are gaining traction as a means of certification in Aerospace and other safety and security critical industries. However, these assurance cases can become overwhelming and complicated, even for moderately complex systems. Therefore, there is a compelling requirement to develop new automation that can aid in creating and assessing assurance cases. In this introductory presentation for the webinar to facilitate subsequent discussion, I introduce a rigorous framework that eliminates adhoc construction of assurance cases with emphasis on the validity and soundness of the argumentation process, confidence of the claims/arguments/evidences and the systematic exploration of defeaters. I briefly discuss the tools and automation support for Assurance 2.0 that was developed in the Clarissa project for a DARPA ARCOS program and finally highlight the key capabilities through examples.


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Vatsan Varadarajan
Dr. Srivatsan Varadarajan is a Technical Engineering Fellow within Advanced Technology for Honeywell Aerospace. Research areas include AI/ML technologies for autonomy, certifiable software, formal methods (e.g., model checkers, theorem provers) for automated verification. Extensive expertise in the development of distributed, fault-tolerant networks, wireless communications and dependable, embedded hardware and software platforms. In his current role, he oversees specific research and technology development projects in the core areas of certifiable platforms and assurance technologies for autonomous avionics systems. He has over 30 publications in conferences and journals and has 25 Patents awarded to date. He has a PhD in Computer Science and MS degrees in Mathematics and Computer sciences and Engineering.



Steve Hickman
Steve is the Founder of Epistimis, a company dedicated to providing tools that support true Privacy by Design. Prior to founding Epistimis, Steve worked in the privacy organization at Meta/Facebook where he saw first-hand how current approaches won’t scale. Prior to working at Meta, Steve worked at Honeywell Aerospace Advanced Technology, where he worked on design tooling for the US Army. (Epistimis Modeling Tool uses the same conceptual foundation developed for the US Military). Prior to that, he managed the Honeywell Aerospace Invention / Patent review process for 4 years, which processed ~1000 invention disclosures each year. There he improved and automated processes, created training, and managed 12+ invention review teams consisting of 75+ technical experts from across Honeywell Aerospace. Prior to that Steve was one of architects of HiLiTE, a tool for test and code generation for data flow and state designs used in Honeywell Aerospace’s flight and engine control software. Steve holds a BSEE from Rice University, a MS Comp Sci from Southern Methodist University, and a JD (Intellectual Property) from Mitchell Hamline School of Law.

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