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Q1 2024 Strategic Privacy by Design Online Course


Dive into Privacy Design! This course is offered as an introduction to the concepts of strategic privacy by design over 4 – 5 weeks tailored for the working professional. Each week you will be provided new material to be done at your own pace. Early Bird Discount: Train for only $520 when you register before February 1st!


Deceptive Design – Dark Patterns Beyond the Interface | Privacy Engineering & Technology Education Discussion (PETed)

Join us for a riveting exploration into the murky waters of  'dark patterns', those cunning design strategies that steer us away from our true intentions online. Unravel the complexities of how these deceptive practices not only compromise our autonomy but also our wallets, as we delve into the realms of consumer and data protection laws. With a keen eye on the European Union's regulatory landscape, Dr Leiser will dissect how current legislation like the General Data Protection Regulation, the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive and the new Digital Services Act is being outmanoeuvred by Big tech and ponder the necessary evolution of laws to curb these manipulative designs that lurk behind every click.