Let’s Talk Privacy Certifications

Certification can be a wonderful validation that a company is doing something right. But the certification market can be confusing and hard to interpret at times. Different certifications apply to different aspect of company’s operation. The menagerie of players (certification bodies, assurance assessors, schema owners) can be mind-numbing. In our journey to create standards and certifications, the IOPD has had to untangle this mess to find our own role in this vast and complex ecosystem. While we’re blogged about this previously, this webinar will go further looking at many of the privacy certifications currently on the market, including:

  • European Data Protection Seal
  • MSECB ISO 31700-1:2023 – Privacy by Design Framework
  • LOCS:23 Standard
  • CARU Safe Harbor Program
  • TRUSTe Enterprise Privacy Certification
  • ISO 27701
  • as well as our own Design Process Standard and forthcoming Privacy by Design and Default Trustmark



R Jason Cronk

With over two decades of experience in principle and trust consultancy, Jason Cronk is a seasoned privacy engineer, developer, author of the IAPP textbook “Strategic Privacy by Design,” Privacy Engineering Section Leader at the IAPP, and founder and president of the Institute of Operational Privacy Design. His knowledge and involvement reaches across the spectrum as an active member of the academic, engineering, legal and professional privacy communities and a pioneering voice in the development of privacy by design.


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