50 Shades of Data – ISSA Colorado Springs 13th Annual Peak Cyber Symposium

Its all about the data. Whether it’s Data Subject Request or Data Breach the amount of effort, cost and impact on a company’s reputation depend on the quantity and the type of personal data involved. The more data, the larger the consequences. This presentation is a practical approach to privacy and data protection that includes strategies to help you get to stay compliant with the evolving privacy regulations.

Using ChatGPT (or similar tools) with Privacy Compliance | Privacy Engineering & Technology Education Discussion (PETed)

Join our first webinar in the new IOPD PETed series! The format of the webinar will be a one-hour informal discussion and interaction with members of the IOPD. The goal will be a discussion on how to solve a specific privacy problem or privacy related resource topic and the latest implementation techniques for some of the biggest challenges like synthetic data, zero-knowledge proofs, homomorphic encryption, and translucent databases. Come back the fourth Thursday of every month for a new discussion, new speaker, and new insights on the most cutting-edge privacy challenges!