Daniel Smullen

Applied Scientist and Privacy Engineer

North America

Amazon Lab126 (Devices Privacy and Trust)
PhD (Software Engineering)

Dr. Daniel Smullen is a proud alumni of Carnegie Mellon University Cylab, where he worked with the founders of the first (and only) Privacy Engineering academic program in the world as part of his doctoral and postdoctoral work. Daniel’s unique academic training and R&D career has led to patents and a strong track record of publications in top-tier venues within the privacy engineering, PETs, ML/AI, NLP, and HCI domains. His work has given him the privilege of partnering with policymakers, regulators, government/military sponsors, and industry.

Daniel’s experience covers many roles; consultant, problem-solver, scientist, engineer, and thought leader. His work spans Usable Privacy and Security, incorporating mixed-methods methodologies seen in behavioral economics, user-centered design, requirements engineering, applied machine learning, and empirical software engineering. Daniel solves social and technical problems using interdisciplinary research methods. His goal is to help the world develop more usable, secure, privacy-preserving, trustworthy software.

Daniel’s main areas of interest include privacy, security, responsible AI, autonomous systems, software architecture, and the Internet of Things.

We are seeking to fill two unpaid positions as members of the IOPD Board of Directors. Terms run for 2 years from appointment. Appointments may be renewed.