Data Access and Deletion in the Large Scale Structured and Unstructured Datasets | Privacy Engineering & Technology Education Discussion (PETed) Recording

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Date & Time:

May 23, 2024 @ 12:00 PM EDT / 6:00 PM CEST



Data Access and Deletion in the Large Scale Structured and Unstructured Datasets



Many jurisdictions grant the public the rights to access and request deletion of their data. As privacy technologists, it often falls to us to create the systems for responding to these requests. While a response may seem simple on its face (grab all of the data related to this person), there are a host of both technical and organizational challenges when responding to these requests at scale, including: keeping an up to date map between people and the systems that store their data; issuing access and deleting requests without affecting production system performance; and redacting information unrelated to the subject from unstructured data. We’ll talk through these and other challenges and how privacy teams can tackle them.


Problem Statement:

Privacy technologists struggle to efficiently handle large-scale requests for data access and deletion due to challenges in mapping data across systems, avoiding production disruptions, and redacting unrelated information from unstructured data. This requires scalable solutions to ensure regulatory compliance and protect data rights without compromising system performance.


Related PETs (Privacy-Enhancing Technologies):

There are a variety of PETs potentially involved, most notably tools for anonymization/pseudonymization. There are also a large number of data and ML-related engineering technical topics to be discussed.


Pre-Discussion Resources:


      • Katharina Koerner speaking at PEPR 2023 about legal standards for anonymization/deidentification, which are critical to understand in the context of determining what needs to be deleted:



    Josh Schwartz
    Josh Schwartz is the CEO and cofounder of Phaselab, a startup that helps privacy teams manage their unstructured data. Prior to founding Phaselab he served as CTO and Data Protection Officer of Chartbeat, a leading analytics company, where he led the operation of petabyte-scale data infrastructure. He studied machine learning as a PhD student at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence lab.



    Nicole Nguyen

    Nicole Nguyen is an enthusiastic privacy professional, deftly bridging technology, business, and law. Beginning in intellectual property and patent prosecution, she gained practical legal insights and technical acumen, which she later applied to data privacy across various regulated industries. She honed her skills across operations, regulatory analysis, and engineering, to streamline data handling, shape privacy policies, and drive privacy-by-design principles. Recognized for her leadership and technical prowess, Nicole guides strategic decisions, resolves complex issues, and bolsters business resilience. Her passion lies in crafting comprehensive data governance programs, weaving security, privacy, and risk disciplines into robust frameworks that safeguard business value and promote a future-ready, privacy-conscious culture. B.S. Chemical and Electrical Engineering and M.S. Information Systems, Cybersecurity and Business Intelligence.


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