Q1 2024 Strategic Privacy by Design Online Course


Dive into Privacy Design! This course is offered as an introduction to the concepts of strategic privacy by design over 4 – 5 weeks tailored for the working professional. Each week you will be provided new material to be done at your own pace. Early Bird Discount: Train for only $520 when you register before February 1st!


European Data Protection (CIPP/E)

Hybrid (Online & In-Person)

The European Data Protection (CIPP/E) encompasses pan-European and national data protection laws, key data protection terminology and practical concepts concerning the protection of personal data and trans-border data flows. The global gold standard in European data protection certification. 10% Discount to IOPD Members!


Deceptive Design – Dark Patterns Beyond the Interface | Privacy Engineering & Technology Education Discussion (PETed)


Join us for a riveting exploration into the murky waters of  'dark patterns', those cunning design strategies that steer us away from our true intentions online. Unravel the complexities of how these deceptive practices not only compromise our autonomy but also our wallets, as we delve into the realms of consumer and data protection laws. With a keen eye on the European Union's regulatory landscape, Dr Leiser will dissect how current legislation like the General Data Protection Regulation, the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive and the new Digital Services Act is being outmanoeuvred by Big tech and ponder the necessary evolution of laws to curb these manipulative designs that lurk behind every click.

Privacy Engineering at Scale | IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2024

Privacy by design requires us to embed privacy as a principle from the start of the product development process. However, this shift requires privacy engineering at every subsequent stage. Every organization thus faces the challenge of scaling this process without adding significant cost. Furthermore, these processes must align with developer workflow and not require developers themselves to be experts in privacy. This panel provides a roadmap of how to achieve this difficult task...

Learn the Language of Privacy | 2024 PMI Mile Hi Symposium

Colorado Convention Center Denver, CO, United States

This presentation will explain the different privacy terms and definitions you need to know. We will briefly discuss some of the top compliance obligations. We will describe the different strategies and tactics to help today’s organizations utilize data in a more privacy-preserving way.

Purpose and Means CIPT Live Training – Apr 8, 9, 15 & 16


Data privacy regulations worldwide require privacy protections be built into products and services. IAPP Privacy in Technology training, aligned with the ANSI/ISO-accredited CIPT certification program, will provide you with the knowledge to recognize privacy threats and skills to apply technical strategies to mitigate privacy risk throughout the software and systems development lifecycles.


Bello Consulting IAPP Certified AIGP Training


IAPP Certified Artificial Intelligence Governance Professional Training The field of AI is growing exponentially and in response the IAPP has developed the Artificial Intelligence Governance Professional certification. Establish your capacity […]


Purpose and Means CIPP/E Live Training – Apr 15, 16, 17 & 18


The European Union’s GDPR and the data privacy laws of individual European nations are among the world’s strictest, carrying high fines for improperly handling personal information. IAPP European Data Protection Training, the training aligned with ANSI/ISO-accredited CIPP/E certification, is in-depth instruction on understanding and applying laws governing data collection, processing and management.


Privacy Program Management (CIPM)

Hybrid (Online & In-Person)

Privacy Program Management teaches you how to create and manage a privacy program. It gives you the tools to answer day-to-day questions about privacy operations. The CIPM is the world’s first and only certification in privacy program management. When you earn a CIPM, it shows that you know how to make a privacy program work for your organization. 10% Discount to IOPD Members!


We are seeking to fill two unpaid positions as members of the IOPD Board of Directors. Terms run for 2 years from appointment. Appointments may be renewed.