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Date & Time:

June 27, 2024 @ 12:00 PM EDT / 6:00 PM CEST



Design Process Standard Deep Dive



IOPD President R Jason Cronk welcomes you to ask all your burning questions about the Design Process Standard published last year. The need for this standard is a culmination of several factors, and details the components necessary in a design process to incorporate privacy considerations and reduce privacy risks to individuals. The process could be the design of products, services or business processes and spans the lifecycle from ideation to deployment. This standard covers privacy and is not limited to “data protection” or any specific jurisdictional approach. Privacy is a broader concept than data protection and covers all interactions between individuals and others in society and the social norms governing those interactions. This standard is purposefully ambiguous in that regards.


Problem Statement:

Privacy by design is an international concept that has been promoted by regulators worldwide and has been adopted into laws and regulations. Until now, it has been ‘squishy’, hard to define, and difficult to implement.


Pre-Discussion Resources:



R Jason Cronk

With over two decades of experience in principle and trust consultancy, Jason Cronk is a seasoned privacy engineer, developer, author of the IAPP textbook “Strategic Privacy by Design,” Privacy Engineering Section Leader at the IAPP, and founder and president of the Institute of Operational Privacy Design. His knowledge and involvement reaches across the spectrum as an active member of the academic, engineering, legal and professional privacy communities and a pioneering voice in the development of privacy by design.



Janelle Hsia

Janelle Hsia is the President and Founder of Privacy SWAN Consulting working as a trainer, consultant, and trusted advisor for strategic and tactical decision-making. While she is focused on the field of privacy and data protection, Janelle Hsia is not a lawyer and brings a diverse background with strong leadership, technical, and business skills spanning 20 years in the areas of project management, IT, privacy, security, data governance, and process improvement. Janelle Hsia is also Co-Founder and Vice-President of the Institute of Operational Privacy Design.


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